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Fundación España Salud

Fundación España Salud is a private, non-profit organization established with the main goal of improving health education and prevention in Spain.

The organization focuses on promoting healthy habits, knowledge of health sciences, and research as the three pillars of its mission. The ultimate goal is to contribute to reducing the incidence of common diseases in society.

The organization collaborates with a group of internationally recognized medical professionals and researchers to develop and promote innovative projects. These projects are aimed at disseminating knowledge of health sciences, training the general population and optimizing the use of available resources.

España Salud is authorized by the General Directorate of Law and Legal Entities and its activities are regulated by Law 4/2008, Organic Law 1/2002.

The main objectives of España Salud are to: -Promote the exchange of knowledge among its members. -Organize study days, seminars, publications and research and knowledge activities around Health Sciences. -Publicize and promote healthy lifestyle habits.

The members of the institution have an accredited professional career in the medical, health, technological, research and management areas, making it a multidisciplinary and specialized group that responds to the needs of different social groups.

The promotion of technologies and improvement of health management, through actions in which the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food, health technology and information and communication sectors participate, constitute the main objectives of España Salud.

The organization’s framework of experience makes it possible to contribute to professional excellence by sharing, training and disseminating medical knowledge among the population and thereby improving people’s quality of life. The organization’s focus also includes the promotion of technologies and improvement of health management through actions in which the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food, health technology and information and communication sectors participate. This allows the organization to address a wide range of health issues and work towards finding innovative solutions for improving health outcomes for individuals and communities. The organization may also be involved in advocacy and policy work to support their mission and goals. Overall, the goal of the organization is to improve the overall health and well-being of the population through research, education, and collaboration with various sectors.

World Association of Dual Disorders

The World Association on Dual Disorders (WADD) is a not-for-profit association based in Madrid, Spain. The organization’s mission is to increase the level of knowledge and education on Dual Disorders and to promote research in this field. Dual Disorders, also known as co-occurring disorders, refers to the presence of both an addiction or addictive behavior and another mental disorder in an individual.

WADD aims to create a live tool that can serve as a major point of reference and contact for Dual Disorders-related professionals, as well as to increase awareness of Dual Disorders worldwide. The organization also aims to promote the dissemination of information on Dual Disorders among health professionals, government, and the general public.

WADD’s goals include giving voice to and representing professionals in the Dual Disorder area by providing information and scientific knowledge, as well as reducing the stigma related to Dual Disorders. Additionally, the organization aims to develop and implement programs and resources aimed at improving the lives of individuals with Dual Disorders and their families. The organization’s activities are carried out at an international scale.